Hi we are going to be moving to the ipswich area soon and I have a few questions.
1. We are looking for a smaller town upto 20 mins out of ipswich to move - so far we have found to like Rosewood, mount marrow, walloon area as there are smaller schools / towns that way for when my son starts school. Any feedback on these places ? Also wanting somewhere with basic shops so dont have to go all the way to ipswich if i forget the milk haha

2. Any feed back on the schools there - mount marrow state school, Rosewood state school, walloon school? We like these as they seem to be alot smaller and 'out of town'
3. Is the daycare at Rosewood good - or any daycare that is west side of ipswich worth driving. In for ? any feedback appreciated

Thanks so much! Its hard to move when we have no idea wheres good and not good!