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    I was simply posting an update.

    What people think of me here is not my problem.

    I'm not here to convince anyone of anything.

    If any of you knew me personally you would find that I am nothing like I have been described by some of you. Text can miss so many aspects of detail and can never replace actual face to face interaction.

    So, sincerely, good luck with your own journeys. Some have it easier than others and for some it is simply soul destroying going through what we all go through for the hope of having a child, both men and women.

    I truly wish you all the best and success.

    But remember this, next time a man comes on here, clutching at anything, trying to find direction or meaning to what's happening and all the emotions and fears involved, this man could be your own husband quietly, secretly screaming for help.

    Remember that.

    Baby dust to all of you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kylie764 View Post
    I am sorry to say you need to see another professional. Your extreme controlling view are not normal and I think you should focus on getting yourself better rather than looking for validation here ...As you are not gonna get it. Focus on getting self help rather than bringing a baby into such a relationship.

    We are not a nasty bunch of women! How you described the Dr performing his procedure on yr wife was inappropriate, dirty and disgusting and it is certainly not like that.. Women on here have undertaken too many of these procedure in order to TTC. You were sexualising this.. Which is a symptom of yr sick mind. Please get more help. Blunt reply.

    Makes me glad I am single! No **** like this to deal with... Ha ha.
    I'm actually wondering if there is even a partner involved and maybe just maybe she realised who he really was and is and dumped his sorry **** for the way he speaks to women and thinks it ok. If he can't verbally abuse a women in front of him then he turns to a predominately female forum to do. Either that or he is troll getting his kicks out of this. As he never uses this forum at all. And "if" the partner does really exist what does she think about the way he interpretes our procedures as sexual because if she agrees with him then there something seriously wrong on both parts because a women would stand up for herself and other women saying you shouldn't be saying or describing it like that

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    Quote Originally Posted by TCK View Post
    I was simply posting an update.

    What people think of me here is not my problem.

    I'm not here to convince anyone of anything.
    As a survivor if abuse, i found your views and wording sickening and very upsetting. It was sexual in nature however you'd like to deny and/or normalize it now.
    Having one person say that your view is common (which i disagree with in any case) does not make it any less sick.
    Coming back to call us nasty *** *****es in order to update us on your "progress" (read: validating your original views that upset you so much) is uncalled for.
    If you dont care what we think (that you need help in changing your views on 'medical r.a.p.e' of women) then take your nasty *** views elsewhere and upset someone else.
    Best of luck.

    ETA i stand corrected in that you called us "nasty *** people" not *****es. Gee Im so sorry to be such a nasty *** person what with my ability to be triggered, upset and reliving trauma re: about medical procedures I'M about to face thanks to your post. Yes I'm getting help for that. BUT YOU NEED HELP TOO.
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    Default Irrational problem. Looking for anything to hold on to.

    Ladies let's not feed the trolls. He can't be serious?? It's getting ridiculous now
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    Closed. This one has not only run it's course, but turned very ugly.


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