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    Default How do you manage your 3 yo's behaviour?

    Miss turned 3 last month.

    The last couple of weeks it seems like she taken a big leap. Her imagination is going wild, she's actually loving watching tv, her communication skills are amazing.... but then she has been doing things like taking her little sister's dummy and hiding away to suck on it (either behind the curtain or in her bed), she has opened the front door and gone out on her own, generally not listening to anything I say, and then after multiple warnings to stop some thing and her agreeing, she yells "i didnt hear you"and cries... other things that are not like her at all, especially crying alot. Of course I can't remembereverything I wanted to writenow I'm in the midst of it.
    I've tried offering a new comforter in place of taking the dummy (she hasnt had one herself for well over a year now), tried reward charts and loss of privelege (eg no tv), time out... I don't know how to manage her behaviour. Tried asking her if something is bothering her, how is she feeling.. tell her how I feel when she does those things.. she is violent at times like pushing and hitting me.
    Tonight she put stickers on her drawers, I sat down and spoke to her, explained not to put stickers on furniture, they should stay up on the table and only be used on paper.
    Well a little later she was supposed to be cleaning her room but instead was covering her toys and drawers with stickers... arghh.. she started crying as soon as I asked what she was doing...

    Any advice?? I have a 5 year old & 1 year old as well. I want to support her through what seems like a huge developmental leap but I also need her to know the rules and know that she is safe!! Help!!

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    I feel your pain, my daughter turned 3 in February and is just not listening at the moment! Part of our bedtime routine is 2 books and a biscuit. When she's not listening or doing the wrong thing, I warn her that she's about to lose a book. Then if she continues, that book is gone. Then if she keeps going, she gets another warning, then loses the other book, and same with the biscuit. The day I introduced it, she was being particularly frustrating and went to bed with no books and no biscuit. Ever since, she only has to be warned and pulls herself into line. As much as I don't like bribery, I just can't get her to understand that she has to do these things because it's the right thing to do. I'm not sure whether your daughter has something she loves that is a daily occurrence, like a movie or certain game that you could take away if she doesn't listen? Good luck, 3 year olds are tough!


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