hey all, my boy is nearly 17 months old and at 13 months he finally started sleeping through 12hrs each night.. a month ago he got a bad chest cold, ear infection and teething and hasn't been sleeping through since. Now he wakes a few hrs later after I've put him down for the night and just whinges. Now I've never left him to go for too long as I'm just that tired I give him a bottle and go back to sleep. I think now he does that out of habit. Would you think I should just leave him whinge and maybe he will put himself back to sleep? I was told from a few friends today to just let him put himself back to sleep.. Last night I left him whinge for about 20 mins but it got louder and louder. My partner got up to feed him even tho I told him not to at 11pm, then we didn't hear from him until nearly 7am(definitely not complaining about last night) goes down anywhere between 6pm -7pm. most other nights latley it's been up to 4 wake ups a night. Any thoughts!! I tried so hard for him to sleep through the night and it's all gone.. He didn't eat much for dinner last night so I was expecting him to wake. but other nights he eats plenty