My 3 1/2 year old DD has only just started doing a mediocre job of brushing her teeth. Only in the last month has she actually started using the brushing motion. Can kind of brush her hair. With hair washing she will wet it, put shampoo in the back and rinse off the bottom but no way any more than that. No bum wiping.

In terms of clothes she can take on and off; socks, some shoes, leggings, undies and skirts. She can't do tops or dresses unless they are stretchy because she pushes them down over her waist.

In terms of "chores" she can pack away toys, take plates etc to the kitchen, rinse for me when I am washing dishes (no dishwasher) and she pushes the on button of the washing machine. She wants to pack clothes away in the drawers but likes to roll them instead of fold them and chucks a tanty if I unroll them and fold them back up. Oh, and she has started putting spread on her own toast.