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    Default Daycare professionalism - would you report this to the director?

    Today when I picked my daughter up from daycare, one of the carers was referring to one of the 3 kids left there, saying that he bullies the other babies in his room and pushes them "like this" and she demonstrated gently on one of the other carer, in front of me and the other kids.

    Then on the way home, my 3yo daughter said "miss X said I have hair on my chin. Why do I have hair on my chin?" (This was a different carer to the first story). It is a patch of hair on her neck, right in the middle, about 2.5x2.5cm, the hair is white / blonde but quite long. It's not easily visible unless you look closely. So far I haven't done anything about it, she gets self conscious when I look at it so I just ignore it. I asked her who she said it to and apparently it was another carer but she couldn't remember which one.

    I think both things are really unprofessional, but wondering whether I should let the director know? The first issue is just unprofessional to talk about another child in front of parents, and to imitate violence in front of children (especially the child who is apparently the "rough" one!), but as an isolated incident I wouldn't usually think anything more of it. But combined with talking about a physical difference a child has right in front of them (when it's something that upsets the child, not that the teacher necessarily knew that), I think the staff need to be spoken to about professionalism. Or are my standards just too high? I work in a corporate environment where no one would even dream about acting like that to / in front of a client, so maybe things are just more casual in a childcare centre environment.

    What are your thoughts?

    ETA I never see the director, she must work 9-5 or similar. So I'd have to specially call or email her.
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    Default Daycare professionalism - would you report this to the director?

    I would mention it to the director. I don't think they should be mentioning your daughter's hair in front of her, there's no reason for it
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    I find the first one concerning. Why is she labelling a child as a bully?!?

    When kids say, such and such is naughty etc, we talk about how we don't call people naughty. It hurts their feelings. That sometimes we can make sad choices instead of good choices. We then discuss why some people make sad choices (ie they are tired, frustrated etc) and how we can help them make good choices instead.

    Definitely talk to the director.

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    Hi JR03, i think the first scenario is unprofessional. Regarding you DD , if that topic is off limits, i think it would be up to you to inform the staff. I actually welcome appropriate discussion about differences. Eg my ds1 has microtia ( little ear) and its not off limits, we promote a positive discourse and attach no negativity to it.


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