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    Default Advice on good books

    Hoping to start TTC shortly but would love to read a few books ahead to understand what to expect when I'm expecting (see where I am going here )

    Can you recommend any books for both me and my partner? I have read Up The Duff by Kaz Cooke and Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy. I am currently reading The Expectant Father which I am planning on giving to my husband once I know it is a decent read.

    Any suggestions on pregnancy and birth? And beyond that, anything you'd recommend once the labour is over


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    I didn't read any pregnancy and birth books, but did read loads of parenting books and my favourite one was, "Bright from the Start" (I think it was by Jan Saunders?). It sounds like a book about making your kid smart, but it really focuses on the bonding, attention and communication, so has heaps of useful stuff about the emotional development of kids. (Being of a psychology background, it was right up my alley!)

    I also liked Baby Play - it has 100 games that you can play in the first year of life.

    If you want more practical things, like sleeping and eating, then I've heard that Baby Love is quite good, but I've never read it myself.

    The only other thing I would say is wait until your baby comes and then work out what you need to read. And read widely, because there are lots of different ways of thinking about all sorts of things. (For example, my DD1 was a poor sleeper, and I read 4 books including, "The Contented Baby" as well as "The No Cry Sleep Solution". They were so different and gave a much broader understanding of sleep issues than I could have got from reading one book alone.)

    All the best for the pregnancy and birth!

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    I didn't read preg books, the me who did my private antenatal class congratulated me for this! I read lots of stuff once I had a baby little of which helped to do much other than pass time bf. The no cry sleep solution was good but didn't really work for mine...but it did have some stuff I found useful.


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