Hi everyone,
TTC 1.5months for First. No contraception for 2 years.
Started my last period on the 1st May until 7th may, 26 day average cycle, had unprotected intercourse on the 8th, 9th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 15th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd, said I was fertile from 8th until 15th, and ovulation day was 11th, 13th or 15th (depending on which app I am looking at).
I believe my fertility could be decreased due to having Chlamydia a few years ago, unknown how long I had it due to no symptoms, an ex partner developed symptoms, got checked, got treated, hence the symptoms question.
My AF is due 25th May or 27th May.
Symptoms include:
• Sore Breasts (normally sensitive nipples day before and day after start of period, this is all on the underside of my breast tissue about 3 days before AF but it stopped suddenly, I am a 16F and its looking more like 16Gs)
•Sore back (have a back injury that was pinching 3-4 days before AF, stopped suddenly and no pain or cramping)
•Bloated (pretty standard in days leading to period)
•Intense emotions (again pretty standard, aside from an incident yesterday which I would have normally just sat angrily or had a cry in silent, I went ballistic and stood up for myself, thankfully not at DF)
•Exhaustion (this is the weird one, I never normally become so fatigued in the lead up to my period but i sleep around 10-11hrs a night, am easily exhausted by every day activities, have to have a nap in the afternoons)
•Mild all day nausea, REALLY bad on an empty stomach (strange but not uncommon due to medications I normally take, can sometimes cause mild stomach ulcers).
I have never encountered all of these at the same time during standard cycle, I have not had any pregnancy scares before and have never really felt this way...could they be early indicators??
DF is very excited, making alot of jokes, he has a child to another woman who doesnt allow visitation due to jeleousy and personal spite between them so this is a scary but very exciting thing for him. He has been and is being very lovey and touchey, even before I mentioned how I was feeling, and he was very quick to note all of my symptoms and some I hadnt even thought of (such as peeing alot)...but it seems odd to be showing so early.
Will test Friday, at the earliest, so I can give AF a chance, but I am really hoping I am pregnant and really cant contain myself, but my mum doesnt know yet and I cant wait to tell her shes a grandma someday soon, i also have grandparents and a great grandfather who would be so happy and proud, 5 generations alive at once
Am I crazy or does anyone else have similar experiences right now??