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    Default Toilet training question, 2yr old boy

    DS is only 23 months so we weren't expecting or planning to TT for quite a while yet, but about a month ago we bought the mini toilet seat and step stool so we'd have them ready to go when needed. When we first got it we sat DS on there just to introduce the idea to him for future reference, and make sure he wasn't totally freaked out by it or anything.
    Anyway, a couple of weeks ago he started unexpectedly running into the bathroom a few times a day saying some variation of "Nappy/wee/poo!" and trying to pull his pants down and pointing at the toilet. Which we found really surprising but we've been going along with it and sitting him on there every time he asks. He did a wee once (somehow still missed the bowl entirely but oh well! ), but every other time he just sits there for ~10 seconds then asks to get down.

    So how should we be handling this? Should I just keep going along with his requests and hope that they end up more productive? Does his behaviour actually suggest he's ready for more parent-led toilet training or could he just be mindlessly repeating a behaviour he's seen?

    He's at daycare 4x a week and I've let them know he's interested, so he's getting some exposure/encouragement there.

    I didn't think I'd have to deal with this for another 6-12 months so know nothing!

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    We are having the same thing here. DS is 22 months. Over summer we did lots of nude time with a potty outside and got a couple of wees on the potty. Now we have got the step seat for the main toilet and for a couple of weeks he loved sitting on it, wiping with toilet paper etc but never actually did anything on it. Now he won't sit on it but loves to go an set up the steps. We are just taking his lead and making sure we offer it lots but also don't push him. He is starting to also tell us when he has done a poo in his nappy and needs a change so I think it will just come with time

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    Once DS stared showing more interest at 22 months I started taking him to the toilet every 20 mins & this is what they also do at his day care. He is 2 today and toilet trained during the day with only a few little accidents now and then.

    Good luck

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    Apologies in advance for the ramble...
    We also bought DS a seat for the toilet and step when he was 2. At first he was quite excited by it but we didn't push it at all, if he asked to sit on we would help him and praise him etc. (I never said anything to his daycare as he was only there 2 half days at the time).
    He soon lost interest in it and we just didn't mention it.
    In the background to this - we travel an awful lot, so this could have been different if we were at home more (we also moved house in that year and he started at a Montessori preschool).
    We went to Australia for xmas and his 3rd birthday and after about a week being back he said that he wanted to go to the toilet (I had thought it would be better to wait until after winter, so hadn't mentioned the toilet at all) so I said sure and he went. I went to drop him off at preschool I told his teacher and she said oh great bring him in undies tomorrow (to which I said oh ok and if he has accidents we can use pull ups, to which she replied - no - no going back from here!). So I went out and bought him undies (he didn't have any before this - he had been in pull ups since about 2.5)
    Since that day he has been in undies every day and had one accident at home (running to toilet and did a wee) and one at school (poo while sitting at lunch..?) in the first week and none others, including waiting on flights until the seatbelt sign is off, 15-20min on the tube where he has said he needs to wee and I have said we can get off here or wait until we get home etc.).
    For us it just worked when he was truly ready.
    I think in hindsight I would choose again to wait until they are really ready and have (basically) no accidents over earlier training and occasional accidents (again, lifestyle - we travel so much, spend a lot of time out and about and not always very close to a toilet and have cream carpet ).
    Since April he hasn't been wearing pull ups at night and just takes himself to the toilet in the morning - again all in his own time, he said no more diapers at night for me - I had just bought a box of 80 pull ups!

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