My wife and I are expecting our first child, we're currently 17 weeks. At our 12 week ultrasound they saw some skin tags/extra digit, one on each hand near the pinky. They advised we come back for a 16 week scan, which we had yesterday, and again they were confirmed, this time with a morphology expert in the room.

It was explained that this is fairly common, and more often than not they're just skin tags that are removed after birth and that's that. However it was also explained that it could be due to a chromosome abnormality, and the only way to really confirm that is to have an Amniocentesis. They checked all the other usual signs (brain, heart, kidneys, ribs etc) and everything looks great, plus we had a Percept test at 10 weeks which came back with a very low risk (1 in 10,000 I believe) for Downs and the other major syndromes.

Due to that we don't want to risk the Amnio as chances are it's fine, but it's obviously on our mind now. Has anyone else been in the same situation and what did you go?