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    Oh of course! I didn't even think about the fact that those charges would kick in next year. congats by the way!

    My health care said it will pay for the midwives to deliver or if a Dr is needed, the Dr fees, but not both. I thought the OB was the Dr and they deliver you? Or would they potentially be talking about the anesthetist? I know I have gone way off topic here.. sorry.

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    Congrats book in both and cancel if you like the other one😜
    No gap is in relation to delivery fee.
    They charge a Pmf and then a delivery fee.
    Pmf in majority of cases isn't covered by phi but goes towards safety net.

    Delivery fee is charged to phi as you're an in patient in hospital ( doesn't go towards safetynet). The gap is the difference the oby charges and the phi pays.
    If the fund only pays say 5k max for delivery yet your doctor charges 6k then phi will pay the 5k and you'll need to cover the 1k.
    If the oby charges 5k or less there won't be a gap as phi covers it all.

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    These are the costs from my OB. I reached the safety net in January because we did IVF, but the fees shown here are rebates with no safety net (ie: When I went for my initial consult & first scan the rebate would have been $102.50 but I got $175 back because I was over the safety net)

    Initial consultation $250.00 $ rebate $72.75

    Initial scan $ 98.00 rebate $29.75

    Further antenatal scans $ 98.00 rebate $32.30

    Antenatal Review $ 110.00 rebate $40.10

    Planning & Management fee $2990.00 rebate $275.50

    One of these fees but we'll only pay the gap because our PHI will pay the rest:

    Labour & Delivery $2150.35 GAP payment $263.40


    Complicated Labour & deliver $2649.15 GAP Payment $450.65

    (We have top hospital and extras cover through Medibank Private, so I'm not sure how the gap payments will compare)

    Other fees we will need to pay:

    Paediatric fees

    Pathology fees

    Anaesthetic fees

    Pharmaceutical fees

    Obviously different OB's charge different fees though. Like other PP's have already said - the safety net goes by calendar year, so you have to have paid $2000 out of pocket during that calendar year to reach the safety net. Then it resets at January 1. You might also have to pay an excess fee to your PHI to go into hospital, depending upon the options you went for when you signed up (We have a $250 excess, but we only have to pay it once in a year, the first time we go into hospital, so I paid it to go in for my egg collection, then haven't had to pay for subsequent visits). Your excess can be $250, $500 or a different amount (including zero if you're lucky!), you'd need to check.


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