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    Hi guys, just a question to all u babywearing mamas. how often do you wear ur little ones? For instance, at church, do u keep them in the carrier the whole time? Take them out after the service to let other people hold them? How about when sitting at church? And also, an example when you go visit grandparents etc? When you get out the car do u put them in the carrier to walk inside? People expect to hold your babies, but I don't want him to be passed around.

    Also, how old was ur little ones that would just stay in the carrier for a long period of time. My 11 month old is almost walking and when we go out I can't keep him in the carrier unless he is sleepy coz he just wants to see everyone. But I'm trying to work out if that because I passed him around too much when he was younger, or whether it is normal.

    I'm thinking of getting stronger for the next one, and not letting people push me into holding my next baby as often. I just don't know how, especially my own parents who are obsessed with him. I know they will expect to just have my next baby the whole time I'm out at their place or at church with them. I don't know how to change it. I don't mind my baby being held by other people, but I want my baby to be held primarily by me or daddy when we go out. Not just taken away from us the whole time.

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    I don't let anyone hold my children at church. Only my hub or my parents.. If people want a cuddle, they can come to my house and have a cuddle and make the time to see me.

    I think if you have Bub in the carrier the whole time that sort of deters people from wanting to disturb Bub as well. They just look.

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    I identify as AP. I wear my babies if they need to be worn.

    At church I either carry them, or let them sit in the pram. I definitely hand bub to grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc as I believe that children need their village. But I expect them to give bub back to me if upset.

    Once they start moving they tend to not want the carrier unless tired.

    I find most grandparents adore their grandkids (both my folks and in-laws do) and naturally want cuddles and kisses. I usually hand my kids over as soon as we arrive to doting family.

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    I love baby wearing I don't go to church but if I did, I would probably try to keep my DD in the carrier during mass but she's 7 months now and very wiggly so I'd probably have more luck just holding her on my lap for an hour unless she was asleep. Otherwise I'd have to stand and pace at the back the whole time! But when she was smaller I'd definitely keep her in. When I go visit my parents I just carry her in my arms so they can have cuddles (I don't mind how much they cuddle her) and so she can play on the floor.

    My DD still enjoys being in the carrier and will usually stay in there for decent chunks of time but as she is getting more mobile her curiosity is growing and there are days where her tolerance for the carrier is much less as she just wants to get out and crawl around! So I think it's normal for them to want to practice all these new skills they are acquiring and have less patience for being carried. I don't think it's got much to do with how many people have held them. But for a new baby a carrier is fantastic, I find people don't really ask for a hold if baby is snuggled up on you.


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