Hi parents!

Recently last year I just graduated from Film School in Brisbane and I spent the year making a documentary. I followed a full time mum/full time worker and her family for a few months and showcased the daily struggle that she faces and has faced for the last 25 years - the struggle to look after her two young children, two adult children, partner and homestay students, feeding, cleaning, bringing in the money, doing every chore just about possible while her partner sits at home and relaxes. The story beings the issue of relationship imbalance to the core. I think that this story may relate to quite a few people and their families here, and you may even know people in this situation.

I'm hoping to start up a conversation on social media about family/relationship imbalance. The truth is, when you're in a relationship both parties need to take responsibility and this doc definitely shows the struggle that a lot of parents face.

I have a facebook page, twitter and website set up. The film is currently entered into film festivals so I'm hoping to get it out their into some screenings, and then eventually release it online. Come and check the project out