I'm 29, 15 weeks pregnant, unplanned and my partner and I have been together for 2 years. 6 months ago I discovered that he had been texting (sexually) another woman, so I have had massive trust issues since then. He also has a friend who is very attractive, and talks to on a regular basis. He constantly looks at her profile on Facebook, and likes all of her photos so I believe there are feelings there. I asked him to stop talking to her, but he never has and constantly deletes her messages, changes her number in his phone etc. we have spoken about the situation numerous times, he says there are no feelings there. I've moved 6 hours away from my friends and family to be with him, and will have to quit my job as I won't get maternity leave (Ive worked in the same career for 10 years and just recently changed jobs as part of the move). I'm feeling really lost, and doubting my self worth and confidence as a result of these trust issues. I'm considering moving back home, to be closer to my support network but then face life as a single mother without job security. Am I over reacting with pregnancy hormones, or should I follow my head and get my self value back on track?