Just wondering if there are any parents here who have kids with panhypopituitarism (multiple pituitary hormone deficiency).

My son was diagnosed at 4 days old his blood sugars were so low and was so lethargic after an opthomolagist checked his eyes as the pediatric doctor's on nicu thought he had some eyes concerns they discovered my son's left optic nerve was very thin and would go blind in that eye then noticed that it may also be panhypopitiutism so more testing was done and a diagnosis of panhypopituritism with adrenal insufficiency hypothyroidism and growth hormone deficiency was made my son also has no immune system and septo optic dysplasia my son wears glasses full time now and helps alot he is also on 2 different types if pills one once a day the other 4 times and an injection that helps him be stable and not be lethargic we have had many crashes and been in and out of hospital but has always come out and back to his normal hyper self 😁.
Then when my son was 3 yrs old he was diagnosed with level 2 autism and severe Global developmental delay and sensory processing disorder.

So has been a bit of an ordeal and crazy 6 yrs so far but my son is growing happy and healthy and loving school 😀.