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    Smile Hey friends

    Hi everyone!

    This forum seems to be the place to be! So glad I found it.

    My partner and I are both 29 and planning for our future. We have been together for ages and always hoped we would have kids... yet now we are seriously organising it the whole process is so overwhelming! I do envy those who can just shag and get pregnant! I am hopeful I will be able to share my journey with you all; and hear about yours

    Anyway, I am currently at uni and can't get pregnant until 2019 (when I am 32); however we have made an appointment with an IVF doctor to organise egg harvesting, insemination and freezing of the embryo. I want to get my younger eggs out now! Also, I have PCOS so I anticipate some complications as a result.

    We are hoping to use international sperm (so we can ensure we get heaps of the same stuff); and also hoping to use both of our eggs at some point.

    I had a few questions I was hoping you wise people could help me with before my appointment:
    - is it legal for my partner to donate her eggs, and me to carry them?
    - what is the best sperm donor bank from OS?
    - Has anyone ever frozen embryos before? Is this successful?
    - Have any of you successfully fallen pregnant with PCOS?

    Apologies if these questions are naive - I am just learning! Also, apologies I am not up with the lingo yet but I am learning as I read

    Thank you! I look forward to learning about your journey too!


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    Hi @eskim0,
    Can only answer a few of your questions.
    Donor sperm from OS- depends on which state you're in. I'm in Vic where it is basically not possible (it is possible but a lot of hassle and really not workable).
    Frozen embryos- any extra embryos from an IVF cycle are almost always frozen for use later on. So whilst you're freezing for a slightly different reason, there are lots of experience with frozen embryo transfers (FETs). My 9w old daughter is the result of a FET.
    Have no experience with PCOS, but if you head into the main IVF threads there is plenty of info in there. I suggest having a read before posting a question as you'll find a lot of info in there that will answer the basics. You'll be able to ask some really specific questions once the basics have been covered
    Also try the same sex parents TTC list thread, it's where all the action is, stone ladies there are pregnant via egg sharing, they should be able to help answer your questions
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