Hi all,
So we just finished 3rd ivf extraction and the results are the same as the previous two ivf rounds. Lots of follicles but many with no eggs. Only 3 eggs this time. What's going on? I know i should be happy with 3 eggs its better than none. Its just i was hoping the results would improve with different meds and i would have some to freeze this time.

First IVF we had 8 follicles, only 4 containing eggs and 100% fertilisation. Only one was suitable for transfer (day 5) which didn't implant. I was on GonalF, Cetrotide and trigger Ovidrel. Second IVF, GonalF, Orgalutran and Ovidrel. Results 9 follicles, with 3 eggs. 2 fertilised but only one suitable for transfer (day 2). There was an implant but unfortunately it didnt work. 3rd IVF, changed to Elonva, Orgalutran and Ovidrel. Scan showed lots of follicles all around 20mm. We were hopefully of getting a greater number of eggs than the previous IVF rounds. Today's extraction 13 follicles, with 3 eggs. I don't understand? Ive been reading up on empty follicle syndrome. I don't know if i have this. Im just at a loss.

Has anyone had the same issue? Did your egg results improve? If so, what meds were you on?