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    I'm home FT ATM with a 7mth old, almost 4&6yo. 6yo goes to school and my 4yo is home FT with me.

    Sunday - batch cook snacks for week. Usually a slice, biscuits and a cake/banana bread. Change sheets with ours one week, kids other. Change towels. DH does a big vacuum of house.
    Monday - front lounge/dining room gets tidied and dusted.
    Tuesday - our bedroom and dd3s room gets a tidy and sort if needed. Tidy clothes in shelves etc.
    Wednesday - both bathrooms get a quick clean. DH cleans shower after his.
    Thursday - kids bedrooms get a tidy up. As in I find all the clothes and toys dd2 hides under her bed when I ask her during the week to put stuff away.
    Friday - rest day
    Saturday - any bigger jobs and kitchen deep clean plus all floors mopped.

    Daily -
    one load of washing hung/dried/put away.
    Kitchen cleaned up and dishwasher stacked/Unstacked as needed.
    Lunches packed night before.
    Quick stick vac of playroom and general tidy of that room.
    Playroom mopped.
    Nappies washed every second/third day.
    Obviously food is cooked every day for either that day or next day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyDino View Post
    Can I ask what you use for your spray please
    I've recently gone a bit nuts with cleaning while pregnant and started using some home made recipes because chemical stuff was giving me dermatitis.

    I use a spray bottle with half vinegar half dishwashing liquid and about 10 drops of tea tree oil. I find it gets everything sooo super shinny. Spray on shower walls, glass, fixtures, bathtub etc. for 5 mins, scrub any bits needed and rinse. Then buff dry quickly or squeegee. Takes 5 mins all up. Any tough spots i treat with bi carb on a sponge first. I was so skeptical of home cleaners but i find some actually do work.

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    Default housework schedule

    Mine's much the same as yours TC. Probably more vacuuming (I have a cat and dog so need to vacuum every 2 days minimum) and less frequent towel changes (I think I do mine once a month!!! Yikes!!!) but otherwise about it.
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