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    Default housework schedule

    as the topic name suggests, what is your schedule for housework? this is assuming you do your own of course and don't have a cleaner etc.

    I'm currently a sahm (on mat leave) and it's struck me, being home so much, I don't really do very much cleaning lol. please don't judge, but my housework scheduled goes something like this:

    change & wash bathroom towels - once a week.

    other laundry - as needed but minimum of 1 load every 1-2 days.

    vacuuming/sweeping - hubby does it when it gets dire/we start to notice a lot of crap on the floors of right before we have visitors.

    clean bathrooms - as above. I'll run a cloth over the vanity and make sure there's no mold etc but cleaning the shower/vacuuming the floors etc isn't done nearly often enough or right before we have visitors.

    dusting - when I notice how awful it looks/we have visitors.

    kitchen - is always immaculate. it's a non negotiable and I'm forever wiping and cleaning things in there.

    garden - hubby tries to stay on top of it once a week, once a fortnight if weather is bad.

    toilets - as needed, I can't stand sh.t stains in the bowl πŸ˜‚πŸ’©

    change the bed sheets - once a month maybe? more in summer but I honestly don't see the point of changing them any more often than that. nobody sleeps naked here πŸ˜‚

    I know I should be doing more but it always feels a bit pointless. like it's only going to get dirty again in a few days so why bother.

    I'm fanatic about putting things away and I despise clutter so although I'm not very regular with my cleaning, the house is always very tidy and organized.

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    I vacuum the living area every day (sometimes several times). And the rest of the house weekly.

    Kitchen is a daily thing.

    Bathrooms are weekly.

    Linen is as needed (usually weekly - fortnightly)

    Towels washed every second day.

    At least 1 load of washing per day, (around 10 per week).

    General tidy of living and dining is usually twice daily.

    Outside is not even close to often enough.

    I am a sahm but Wednesday is my big cleaning day. Due to my schedule. I have all my kids home on the weekend (6, 4, 3 and 2). Monday's and Friday's it's just the youngest 3 at home, and Tues-Thurs its only the 2 yo at home but I run the school canteen which is Tuesday's and Thursday so I'm out all day.
    I'm about to take on study again too so this will probably change it a bit. We are also planning another Bub and for me to take on a new full time/shift work role in 2-3 years so I have just said I might end up hiring a housekeeper with the extra money haha.

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    Default housework schedule

    That sounds like a decent amount if you can list what you do, it's quite a bit!

    I have a nerdy schedule that sometimes fell to the wayside while balancing work and IVF and a kid but on the whole works. Otherwise it piles up and makes me anxious. I do small bursts rather than big days.

    I refuse to do too many chores on the weekend, except for extra washing like linen, decluttering and stuff like gardening/home rennos/cooking which always seems endless.

    Every morning on my 3 works days I have a quick 30 min routine. I hang out washing that was washed on timer the night before, empty dishwasher and load breakfast things, wipe kitchen, spray and wipe bathroom, make sure dirty clothes at thrown in baskets and make beds.

    Night time on work days I clean kitchen, straight away after dinner, collect clothes and throw in wash and set in timer for next morning, quick dyson (we have indoor cats), take out rubbish. After child goes to bed which is usually late (8.30-9) i almost always make myself do another half an hour of stuff like laying clothes for next day, taking out dinner for next day if needed, making lunches, folding washing and decluttering for 10 mins if I can.

    On days at home while DS has a late start and lazily eats breaky watching TV I do a deep vacuum and mop and another task that needs doing like cleaning out the fridge, deep clean of kitchen/ laundry etc but it's usually all done before 9.30 so we have the day free. Afternoons on top of my quick routine i do extra folding/tidying.

    I find because I spray and clean my kitchen, toilet and bathroom every day it never builds and literally takes less than 5 mins each. I use a home made shower and bath spray, I spray it on, leave it 5 mins, rinse off and dry/squeegee honestly takes 5 mins every second day so there is never any build up.

    Bed linen is washed every week same with towels.

    I bloody hate spending an entire day off with my DS cleaning so I do it in small bursts so it doesn't feel so endless.

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    Sounds ok to me. Mine is something like this.

    Bathroom - once a week I'll wipe down the sink, vanity etc and I clean the shower when I'm in there when I think of it. Toilet cleaned as needed and once a week I'll squirt some gel in there and leave it for a bit.

    Kitchen - CAYG, always clean. Maybe once a month I'll choose a cupboard or the pantry or the fridge to clear out and reorganise. This is just if I feel like it and have time.

    Living areas - I vacuum once a week or as needed, we have a rabbit so if she is moulting it's more frequent. I wipe down surfaces once a week.

    Bedrooms - make beds everyday, vacuum once a week (once a month I'll move big furniture to vacuum under there).

    Laundry - I wash clothes as needed and clean my laundry frequently because my bunny lives in there so it gets sweeped/vacuumed and spot mopped as required.

    Mopping - once a week-ten days. Depends how much we've been home, if it's been raining (and mud has been traipsed through!) etc.

    However I usually do one big clean once a week which takes 2 hours or so, so I don't really spend much time in any given day doing housework. Maybe 30 mins all up.

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    Mine is terrible atm due to sleep deprivation and koala baby plus a toddler. But I aim for:

    Towels - once a week
    Sheets - once a fortnight (unless there is baby vom)
    Bathroom - once a week when towels are changed
    Toilet - every few days
    Vacuum - when DS makes a mess! Main areas once every few days.
    Mop - once a week
    Kitchen - daily
    Washing - usually something on every day/second day
    Dust - DS does it on the big vacuum/mop days.
    General clean up of toys and stuff - daily

    I am going to point out that is not happening right now. Hoping DD calms down a bit in a few weeks so I can get more done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clementine Grace View Post
    T I use a home made shower and bath spray, I spray it on, leave it 5 mins, rinse off and dry/squeegee honestly takes 5 mins every second day so there is never any build up.

    Can I ask what you use for your spray please

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    I try but @turquoisecoast I'm like you!

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    I do a big clean once a week where I do everything as I like having my whole house clean even if it only lasts half an hour 😁 this is what I do:
    All surfaces in house
    Clean kitchen completely
    Tidy dining/lounge/entry and bedroom
    Clean bathrooms x2 and laundry
    Vacuum whole house and mop whole house (whole house is tiles including bedrooms so all gets vacuumed/mopped)

    I usually do this Saturday morning and it takes a good 2hrs. In between I do the kitchen every day, stick vac and dettol floor wipe 1-2 times a week. HATE dirty floors it makes me twitch badly and leaves me in such a grump. Yes I'm a sad individual.

    Towels washed weekly
    Sheets changed fortnightly or less. Anything less is a bit gross to me.
    Washing done probably 3-4 loads a week as required but more done on weekend.

    I try and keep things very tidy and clean. I don't let it build up so it doesn't get out of hand but it is never as clean as I want it as I'm a bit obsessive about cleaning!

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    I work 4 days a week and have Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday off. I try not to do too much on a weekend apart from cooking freezer meals, lunches and snacks with maybe a load of laundry or two.

    Wednesday I do the following:
    - change sheets and towels
    - Approx. 6 loads of laundry (towels, sheets, tea towels, darks, lights, colours and DD's clothes. I never wash anything together all has to be separate)
    - Vacuum whole house with proper vac
    - Clean glass doors - go into DD's toy room and they are wrecked straight away..
    - Spot dust any areas that I notice
    - Mop kitchen, bathroom and laundry floors

    Daily (DH helps with these chores):
    - Sweep kitchen floor
    - Wipe down bathroom sink, clean toilet, spray and wipe shower (while DD is in bath or after I finish my shower of a night time)
    - Kitchen is clean as we go really but only wash dishes twice a day. Benches wiped down after dishes
    - Stick vacuum
    - Pick up toys and tidy toy room

    I will wash DH's work clothes on a Friday night and he will hang out Saturday's.

    When it needs doing I will organise kitchen/laundry cupboards, wardrobes, pantry and skirting boards.

    I clean oven once every couple of months.

    I'm so crap at putting away laundry I often have baskets full of folded stuff I CBF putting away. It's a vicious cycle for me.

    DH looks after outside chores. We have a deal if he does all outside stuff when soccer season is on he can go to pub to watch (we don't have Foxtel). He spends a few hours each fortnight.

    I find if I do it each week it actually doesn't take me that long at all. I honestly only spend maybe 45mins - 1hr max (apart from the laundry!)

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    Daily- dishes, kitchen benches, couch vacuum

    Mon- kids' laundry (every second week), towels, floors
    Tues- linen, kitchen, tables
    Wed- laundry, lounge, hall, bathrooms
    Thurs- laundry, dining, my/baby's bedroom
    Fri- laundry (sort) + uniforms (every second week), kids' bedroom
    Sat- towels, floors
    Sun- kitchen, bathrooms

    That's what I try to do anyway.


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