Hi folks,

Saw a massive online sale for the oricom secure910 for today and tomorrow only - $199 down from $359 (and then I took it to a competitor and got a further 10% off as their "price guarantee"). With a saving like that, and knowing that oricom are pretty good... I jumped in and grabbed one.

Then did a little further digging online and see the 910 doesn't have glowing reviews. Always tricky to know what's reliable on random review sites. Before we open the box, has anyone here got the secure910? And if so... How do you find it?

We know the screen is quite large, thus making it not totally portable but we really want it for during the evenings when we might be catching up with some Netflix and during the night when we're sleeping. Day use isn't a huge concern (in terms of keeping it in a pocket while doing the laundry or whatever). It also came with 2 plugs for the parent unit so we can have it in the bedroom and in the lounge without having to play musical chairs with the power points... And a bonus battery back up so it can be kept unplugged for an hour... (So it's not totally tied to the PowerPoint and therefore, sort of portable).

So .... we're just more concerned with performance, clarity etc.

Any comments are appreciated, thank you.