Hello all,
Im new here and actively seeking a support system. My partner and I have been TTC since the beginning of the year. I went off the pill between Christmas and new year 2015. In February, I started having symptoms of possible pregnancy but my period arrived on cd30...prior to that it was cd 26 when my period arrived. Anyway, i took that as it didnt take.
Anyway in March, we tried again and ive not had my period since. As cd62 is about to end, i did have 11 days (8th to 18th april) of brown and a little pink spotting and it was more on wipe (although I did wear liners for hygiene reasons). Ive taken a few tests, 1 today, all negative and had a blood test on 16th april and informed on 18th april it was negative.
This is not normal for me as my periods have been regular (cd26-28) and yes, i was on the pill for 20yrs and went off it for 6mths back in 2013 and it was regular then but this is the first time ive missed a period while off the pill. I need advice as im very frustrated with not knowing what is going on with my body.
By the way, im 42.