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    Default 8 weeks pregnant!

    Hi ladies,
    I was hoping for a little insight.
    I'm 8 weeks this week. I have every single symptom you can think of including terrible morning sickness.
    I'm not a high risk pregnancy so my doctor still does regular check ups but is very happy with my progress.

    This is my struggle. Work. I have to wear a fitted shirt, and constantly have to hide my tiny little bump and hide my morning sickness (all day sickness) too! It's becoming a huge drag for me. I feel restricted and yuk. I am thinking of telling my boss next week when he returns from leave (I'll be 9wks) everything is going well and chances of mc are so minimal at this point - I feel like I have to tell them. So 1 I can wear clothes without worrying about my bump
    2 I don't have to hide my morning sickness and can call in sick without being questioned

    3 I am a receptionist so they can organise a replacement by November when I go in maternity leave. I work for a small firm so I figure the sooner I train someone the better

    Thoughts? My constant toilet breaks are being questioned and I am taking days off for my scans so I feel the need to explain why.
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