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    I did a fb announcement. We had already told most close friends and family beforehand though, but not all. A fb announcement was an easy way of making sure everyone knew at the same time! We also struggled to conceive and our DD is an IVF baby. Most of our close friends knew of our struggles so it was really nice for us to be able to acknowledge and celebrate the pregnancy publicly as most people knew how very wanted it was and that it had been a long time coming. Having said all that, that was my choice and if someone else chooses to do something different then that's ok too.

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    The only people I have on FB are those I deal with normally anyways. I'm not one for having people on FB for the sake of having them on there (left high school for a reason so don't have them on there lol) it's only my family and close friends anyway so they'll all know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by turquoisecoast View Post
    I personally can't stand fb announcements but to each his own.

    I'm probably a bit paranoid, but I'd rather errr on the side of the conservative just in case something goes wrong.

    to me, something as special as pregnancy is something that is shared face to face (or over the phone if face to face isn't possible), or using some other direct and personalized medium. not a general announcement blurted out to all and sundry as a matter of convenience. there's so many people on my fb I don't speak to (like girls I went to high school with etc), why would I announce something personal on fb to that kind of audience.
    Completely understand the above.

    I, however, only have select people on my FB. So when I chose to do an announcement, it was a way to let people know the news was 'public' even if they were already aware due to me calling them.
    This was the signal that they could discuss it openly- that everyone I needed to know, knew.

    ETA: Oh, it wouldn't bother me. I would probably think, "Huh I wonder why they felt the need to announce0 the birth but not the pregnancy," and then move on.
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