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Yep I've got thinning hair in the same spots as you I'm presuming it's post partum hair loss, bit delayed as she's 10 months now and it only started about 2 months ago.
Not sure about biological causes but see your gp to discuss as I think there are many reasons but when I was getting my hair cut last time I mentioned to my hairdresser. He told me his hair started thinning last year and he went onto nioxin products which he'd never used before and he said there has been a definite improvement for him. I trust him not to just be up selling me products as he's a friend of DH. It's expensive but might be worth a trial to build the hair up as well as seeing if you can find the cause and treat that. Good luck it's distressing I know. If mine continues I will try nioxin myself.
Mine coincided with reducing/weaning from breastfeeding. My hairdresser said this is really common and will take a few years after finishing my family for it to improve