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    Quote Originally Posted by gingermillie View Post
    Yep I've got thinning hair in the same spots as you I'm presuming it's post partum hair loss, bit delayed as she's 10 months now and it only started about 2 months ago.
    Not sure about biological causes but see your gp to discuss as I think there are many reasons but when I was getting my hair cut last time I mentioned to my hairdresser. He told me his hair started thinning last year and he went onto nioxin products which he'd never used before and he said there has been a definite improvement for him. I trust him not to just be up selling me products as he's a friend of DH. It's expensive but might be worth a trial to build the hair up as well as seeing if you can find the cause and treat that. Good luck it's distressing I know. If mine continues I will try nioxin myself.
    Mine coincided with reducing/weaning from breastfeeding. My hairdresser said this is really common and will take a few years after finishing my family for it to improve

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    Anyone else experiencing this, or if u have in the past how long did it last? I did when my DS1 was 18 months after I stopped Diane, this time I was on the pill and it has started when DS2 was about 10 months. No idea why, all my blood tests are coming back normal so far. It is very distressing and would be great to hear it doesn't last long! The only thing that stopped it last time was getting pregnant again, and that is not the plan this time!

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    The pill has progesterone to trick your body that your already pregnant. Once you stop taking it all the progesterone leaves your body like after you have a baby. And the hair also falls out. Could this be it?

    You could also try coconut oil treatments on your scalp.


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