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    Bubhub has been pretty major in my life for a long time.

    TTC, my health issues, the usual issues of being a mostly SAHM and parenting ... I have made the most amazing friendships, have learned so much from so many people.

    Bubhub - and many, many of its members will always have a special place in my heart

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    I joined when I was pregnant with my DS who will be 7 this year. I met so many lovely ladies in my DIG group, some of whom I am still quite close to and have met IRL. While I think only 2 of us are still around on here, we went through a lot together - losing babies, one lost her husband, subsequent pregnancies, school etc etc. I love seeing the kids grow on FB and sharing our lives.

    I've also made some great friends out of my DG. Some old time members, some new since I came back after an extended break. I haven't been as active since returning - it's weird to be an old member but feel like a newbie as there's not many familiar names about - but I have learnt a lot here and have received a lot of support. I also hope I have been able to pass that on and help others by giving advice/support.

    And sometimes it's just good to come here for a laugh. Jokes, memes, fun threads, the Sh!t people try to sell on FB groups. Some of it is pure gold.

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    I don't post often, but Bub hub has helped me through my marriage breakdown and subsequent divorce. I had so much wonderful support and really sensible advice...it was an absolute lifeline at a rotten time. I love the way that Bub hub rallies behind people, and even though I lurk way more than I should, BH is still a big part of my daily down time (usually all of about 5 minutes!)

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    I stumbled onto bubhub when I found out I was pregnant with DD. She's nearly 7 so it's been a while! I found a group of gorgeous ladies pregnant with their second child. I have met 3 of them and we are all still in contact. These ladies were my lifeline through my difficult pregnancy and then long stint of a sleepless baby. They absolutely saved my bacon.

    Bubhub has taught me so much about birth and birth options. I didn't know much about vbacs before my BH days but since have helped a friend IRL advocate for her vbac. It was awesome and I thank bubhub for the knowledge and confidence I had to encourage her.

    BH is also a soft place to fall. I can talk freely about my anxiety and health issues without judgement. Some days the chance to write a few lines about my struggles clears my head enough to keep soldiering on.

    There are so many members on here I admire for so many reasons. We are an eclectic bunch of women from all corners and all backgrounds who band together in support of each other's struggles and triumphs. What could be better?

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