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Thanks bbhope & rosey118. It's sad but I find comfort in reading these threads knowing we aren't the only people going through this.

We saw our FS yesterday. My DH has low T (6.7), very high FSH (45.6) and high LH (15.8).
Very small testicles (3ml volume) and the bilateral varicoceles are also a concern.
We've been referred to Dr Lok and a urologist to talk next steps. mTESE is an option, but we want to investigate all avenues first, especially if the varicoceles are the cause of the hormonal imbalance and atrophy.

Long road ahead indeed.
It is not an easy road. Feel free to PM me if you would liek to talk. You now have 6 posts (min 5) so that should enable the function. This thread has given me so much support on this journey. I was in the stage of agony......I assume your FS has tested DH on possible genetic causes? Such as microdeletion and Cystic fibrosis? Most CF carrier has blockage issue. The high FSH seems to suggest testicular failure. Have he had other medical history like undescended testes as a child, mump?

Dr Lok is very reputable. The surgeon, who most of ladies had used on this thread, has retired. My FS is excellent and I strongly recommend her. However, it is irrelevant at this stage as Dr Lok is based at genea. Let us know how it goes with dr Lok.

Also, i find having a good fertility specialised counsellor really helps to put things into perspective. I'm now on the other side of the fence but do get notification on this post from time to time. This journey can feel so lonely some time.......but medical research has advanced since i went through this 7 yrs ago.