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    Default Suddenly crying at daycare drop off

    My son went through this when we first started nursery school (childcare) (he had just turned two) and then quickly switched to having tantrums when I picked him up because he didn't want to leave! No he's not being abused at home.

    I don't work. I sent him because I was heavily pregnant and exhausted and needed a break, we're expats with no family around to help. I also felt he was getting bored of me and needed a couple mornings away from me to socialize and learn without me around. Yes, he socializes with me, we go to classes, parks, play dates, etc. but it's different for them when their mom isn't around to interfere.

    He THRIVED there and I absolutely loved his carers, amazing and loving women that went out of their way to tell me about his morning, take notes on developmental observations, etc. I was so sad to leave there last week as he starts at a preschool this week that he's been on the wait list for ages at. If we hadn't have already paid for the Montessori school I would have kept him at the nursery school as they were brilliant.

    I want my child to develop independence outside of me and our household.

    You don't want to be criticized for your unschooling beliefs Unschool so don't make people feel awful for choosing or needing to send their child to childcare. What a sad world you live in that your first instinct is abuse rather than one of the many other reasons a two year old will cry about having to leave their mom.

    Op, as a nanny, many of the children I cared for would get upset about their parents leaving but as soon as the goodbye was done and door closed they were fine and happy to get on with their day. I'm sure that's what was happening with your child, goodbyes are hard for them sometimes but it doesn't mean they are not having a good day after you leave.

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    Of course I reported it!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unschooling4 View Post
    I know kids cry I have 4!
    And I do not give a shiz what you think about my comment. I've worked in daycare for years before I had my kids and the things I've witnessed you wouldn't believe. You would think twice about having kids attend. Yes there are some lovely daycare workers but a lot aren't. Hence why I do not send my kids.
    And if you need to work then think of other ways to save money. I home school.
    I worked in daycare for years, too. A few years as a temp so I've worked in many, many centres (I'd estimate over 50) and I've never witnessed anything approaching abuse. You do get the occasional lazy one, or one that's not as nice as they should be, but in my 10 years of experience I found that the vast, vast majority of child care workers are hard working and lovely. I think your comments are way out of line.

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    I have never ever witnessed anything approaching abuse either and I work in the industry.

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    Unschooling I've seen/been aware of a few incidents in daycare that could constitute abuse so I know it's not all roses. It wasn't my first thought in this case though so I'm surprised it was yours - sensory/anxiety/separation issues are very common at that age, that's where my mind went first.


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