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    Default Low AMH and high FSH

    Can anyone share any stories/hope for low AMH and high FSH? I just found out my AMH is <1 and my FSH is 18. I feel hopeless.

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    Hi there I had low amh (3) and high FSH (17) as well as a low antral follicle count (generally 5) at 29 years old. It was a horrible thing to find out and I too felt hopeless.

    We were told to proceed to IVF asap but our first cycle was canned as my day 3 bloods showed FSH was outside the clinics cut off. I was told to go back on the pill and try again in a month.

    I didn't go back on the pill and ended up doing a medicated OI instead...and wouldn't you know it we got a bfp and I am now nearly 30 weeks pregnant.

    If you go online I am sure you will find there are many stories like this! Low amh/high FSH means low egg supply, but not no supply. Getting pregnant is more difficult but certainly not impossible

    I figured I couldn't change egg quantity but I could try to improve egg quality so I s
    Net a lot of energy adopting a healthy lifestyle, doing acupuncture and taking supplements/vitamins (coq10 etc). Not sure if they actually helped me get utd but I figured healthy is good, and I didn't have much to lose.

    All the best with your journey, don't give up hope!


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