Good Morning,

My name is Brooke and i'm new to this forum. Im 32 and my partner and I have been together coming on 2 years. Two months ago we had the 'baby' talk and we are both very excited about the thought of having a baby.

I had my mirena taken out on the 28th March as i had a tiny bit of spotting i assumed this may have been my period. (the mirena worked well for me i hardly bleed).

I bought a first response pregnancy planning kit (which contained 10 ovulation tests and one pregnancy test)

I used the ovulation tests and had a positive result on the 13th and 14th of April. So we used this timing to 'make babies' ()

On the 24th i took the pregnancy test and it was negative.

I have had sore breasts for about a week now, which i know is a common symptom of PMS, i don't remember normally being this sore but then again i could be noticing more about my body because im tracking every detail.

could i have taken the pregnancy test too early? it really only was 10 days after the surge, which doesn't mean i ovulated straight away

Or does the mirena take a while to leave your body?

I only ask this because i assumed once the mirena was removed that i would bleed or start a cycle sooner then whats been 4-5 weeks.

I would love to hear your experiences or advice.

Thanks in advance