Hi all, I am totally devastated after my scan today with only one good sized follicle and a second small one. FS said he will rescan me on Friday to decide whether or not to proceed. I'm freaking out this is an indicator that I won't be able to make embryos. It's taken a lot to get me to this point. 6 years in fact. I'm am trying to make embryos for surrogacy. I had a hysterectomy in 2010 (29 years old) while pregnant with an IVF baby- 7 rounds to get a BFP only having to terminate in 2nd trimester as I was would not have lived through pregnancy. Hoping someone can send me a positive story to keep me focused on the next stage of more IVF and better follicle production.

Me:35 (endo) DH:39
IUI #1 BFP! DS born 28/11/2008
IUI #2 BFN 2009
IUI #3 BFP (ectopic) 2009
IVF #1,2,3,4,5,6 BFN 2009-2010
IVF #7 BFP! 2010 (lost 2nd trimester)
Hysterectomy 2010 :-(
6 years of dreaming and saving $$$
Still TTC #2 via surrogate 2016