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    Default Centrelink help please


    My partner and I have decided to separate. We have been together for seven years and have two children (6 & 3). We live in remote S.A and he works full time. I am a SAHM (and have been since our eldest was born) and am studying my Bachelor degree full time (online). We have one car between us and no savings (it has been a tough year).

    I have no money to come up with a bond to move out and I have no family other than my ex-partner and his family. If I apply for centrelink single parenting will they approve it or do I have to wait until I move out? I don't want to be stuck here, it is not fair for me, my ex or our children to just stay together because of logistics. We are not sharing a bed, have separate bank accounts and are doing separate household chores. I haven't told anyone yet, it is very fresh and I want to sort out what I am going to do before I upset my girls.

    I am not currently on any centrelink payments, I receive FTB A and B.

    Sorry if this has not made a lot of sense, I'm over-emotional and feel very alone. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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    You can get Parenting Payment single while still living in the same house. I believe you will need to jump through a lot of hoops to get it ie answer lots of questions about division of finances, sleeping in separate rooms etc so that Centrelink are satisified that you you are well and truly separated.

    I believe that Centrelink can also give you an advance to help cover a bond, but you will need to pay it back.

    Good luck with it all.

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    You will need to prove to Centrelink that you are really seperated and they can even ask your family and friends of you are to back up both of your statements. You basically have to lead seperate lives completely, both have to cool your own food for every meal do your own Laundry etc. You can't associate with each other at all everything has to be straight down the line like you don't exist to each other unless it's child related

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    I feel for you. It is a very difficult time to manage the paperwork etc needed when emotionally it's tough too. As the others have replied, yes you can claim single parenting while under the same roof. Get started on the process asap even if you don't have complete information to submit as it will be backpaid to when you started and it sounds like you need the help financially to get on your feet. I've recently been through this for the first time and living in a country area is tricky having no centrelink office nearby but it's all possible, so step through bit by bit and it will work out. Also, child support need to be contacted as well to start an assessment. If you don't start that process they reduce FTB until it's done. I think you have 10 or 12 weeks though from separation.


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