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    Quote Originally Posted by bunnymum View Post
    @mrswhitehouse, how did they find out you were still together with your husband? Did you have a house under both your and your husband names? Did you share any bank acc?

    My (now separated) husband and I did not have any of those since we relocated overseas and did not even have any assets overseas that were under our names.

    I'm starting my life from zero again here in Australia. (Ex) DH didnt leave any assets here prior to relocating so i didnt have anything associated with him anymore.
    The only reason they found out is because I told the lady from Centrelink on the phone, just in conversation. I'd only gone onto PPS because the Centrelink worker in the office told me that was suitable for my situation and gave me the forms for it, so I didn't think I had any reason to hide it.

    I asked her if we decided to 'break up' that night and didn't love each other anymore would I be entitled to PPS? Yes of course she said.

    We didn't have a rental house in our names together at the time, as I'd moved while he was away so couldn't put him on the lease too. So they wouldn't have known unless I told them. Was so annoying.

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    Another q's is does it really matter if I registered for a child support but (separated) DH wouldnt be able to pay? To be honest i dont really care. He says he has no definite income (he is overseas.. And unlikely to return to aust as he has no interest anyway). And i dont know how the centrelink can arrange it for me if they can get child supprt off him. And would this child support registration thing be complicated? Legally we are still married. Just separated on our own ways......[/QUOTE]

    Even if they can't get any money off of him at present for whatever reason it all gets accounted for so that it will be owed to you so whatever their assessment is accumulates in a debt for him for as long as he doesn't pay so as soon as they can get their hands on his income they would take as much as they legally could at the time and pay it to you in a lump sum so other then having to register for cs in order to get pps it's worth doing because if he is being dodgy with his income or not cooperating with them then it will just add up as arrears and they will get it out of him eventually.

    Definitely don't agree to private collect unless you 100 percent believe that he will pay what he is required to as once you go through private collection if he refuses to pay its a lot harder to get csa to collect on your behalf again and part of your payments from Centrelink are usually reduced based on what you should be receiving from cs so you would loose out on more then just what he is supposed to be paying you.

    I know it seems like more effort then it's worth to apply for cs if you don't even know if you will receive any money from him but it's just a one off claim and if you let csa do everything on your behalf you don't have to worry about it again unless you and him reconcile or your circumstances change.

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    Is this weird that i have not had any responses from centrelink in re my single parenting payment since i lodgded it 3 wks ago? I also lodged an ftb claims exactly 3 wks ago and received no news. Although i just started to work full time but i would appreciate any $ help from centrelink as i am technically a single mum! Even if they are unsure with my applications but they could ask me for further documentations etc but i have not had a single letter from them yet!

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    No it's not weird. They are really busy and behind with processing claims. It's not uncommon. If you are concerned or in hardship give them a call.

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    If you want you can call them about it, they have 21 working day to process your claim usually. Claims are behind like always. You can claim hardship and they might be Abel to put a request into the processing team to look at it earlier

    When you call and it says to tell you what you are calling about say progress of claim. That will put you through to the right team.


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