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    Default Seeing a dr about toilet training

    DS is 3.5 and just can't seem to toilet train for wee, though he is fine for poo. He says he can't feel when he needs to wee, so he wets his pants several times a day. He NEVER says he needs to go to the toilet and always answers NO when asked if he needs to, but will wet his pants minutes later. He's reliable at actually doing a wee when he's on the toilet, but never seems to get the message when he needs to go.

    One of his carers at daycare suggested that maybe he should see a dr about whether there's a physical issue. Has anyone been through this? What exactly do they investigate? DS is likely to just clam up if questioned by a dr.

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    I went through this.... (I thought there was an issue with his brain not realising he had to wee) but it clicked. I know it's easy to say now. But it did. It's just really an intense time to remind him to go toilet. A friend reminder, try not to get upset, put him in undies. I used the Thomas ones and told my boy that Thomas does not want to get wet and to run to the toilet. I know it's stressful and I do feel for you. But it will click.

    Good luck.

    P.S he will do it when HE IS ready, not when we want.


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