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    Default How many times in a feed?

    A question for the BF ladies- how many times per feed does your LO actually feed?
    Dd is six weeks old, and she'll pull off one side after a decent internal (20-30 mins). After keeping her up for about half an hour she will start poking her tongue out and looking for more. This happens pretty much every feed and can be repeated 2-3 times. She eats so much she is sick (or has reflux, not sure) but then wants more. She is putting on weight very well- around 50g/day- but feeds just go on forever.
    My question is, does your baby keep asking for more? Do you try to distract your LOs after a decent feed if they are saying they want more, or just feed them knowing its going to come back up again?

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    Just feed as it'll increase your milk supply and it'll be good for when she's older. When she fusses and pulls off do you burp her? My DS would fuss about and burp then have morw

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    When I had the IBCLC come to my house when DD was a week old she told me I was feeding her when she wasn't hungry, just needing comfort. Every squawk I would interpret as hunger cues & she ended spewing everywhere. Her advice was: if Bub had a decent feed (20-30 min) in the last hour she doesn't need another feed, so try dummy or putting her in the carrier. Obviously if she didn't then settle down I would feed, but you could try some other things first, like a dummy.
    I know a lot of BF advice is very anti-dummy, but DD needed to suck for comfort and I found the dummy a lifesaver.
    My supply was always huge though, so I knew she was getting enough and didn't need the extra feeding to stimulate supply, so if you're having any trouble with supply don't do the above - you need to feed feed feed!

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