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    Default IVF at 21 - looking for support??

    Hi guys, I'm new here (still getting to know the lingo too).

    My partner and I are having our first meeting with a fertility specialist in a couple of weeks to get the ball rolling for IVF.

    I am incredibly nervous about the appointment, as I have no idea what to expect and I haven't been able to find any advice for younger women who need to use fertility treatments.

    A bit about us: I am 21, with no known fertility issues. My partner is 29, and suffers from cystic fibrosis which causes male infertility. We've met with our GP, with his CF specialist, and were referred for genetic counselling at the women's and kids. The genetic counselling was really daunting but we've gone and found out that I am not a carrier for cystic fibrosis, so there is little risk that we'd have an affected baby. So, we have the get go on that side! Now we've been referred to a fertility specialist as it is certain we'll need to have his sperm aspirated and then have IVF (probably with icsi too).

    I'm just very anxious about the whole process and I realise that were probably coming at it with a slightly different reason than most couples so I just don't know what to expect. Any advice??

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    I'm 27 and my DH has had a vasectomy so we've just started the process too with our first appointment next month. We'll be doing pesa/tesa (the sperm aspiration.. I always get the two mixed up haha) and ICSI.

    It's a lot to take in but you'll find lots of lovely ladies in here who are so helpful!

    If you can't read enough about it, grab 'IVF for Dummies' from your local library. I thought this was pretty comprehensive and based on Aussie stats. It's a good starting point to get up to speed on the lingo too haha!

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    Hi Sophiasimone,

    I just wanted to pop in and give you a big

    My husband and I are now 28 but we also started IVF at 21. It was a very daunting experience. We also have male factor infertility (my husband has a complete blockage). IM glad we started early because in the end it it still took us 3 years of IVF (5 years of trying in total) to get our little boy. We have done another 4 rounds since and lost a little girl along the way.

    We are about to start our 8th round and I dread to think how much harder it would have been if we left it later.

    All the best,

    Amy xx

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    Sophiasimone wishing you all the best on the ivf journey.
    We are also doing ivf with needle biopsy retrieval of sperm. This is due to hubbie being a cystic fibrosis carrier and has no vas deferens. I am glad you are not a carrier (neither am I). Fortunately Ivf can give those with cystic fibrosis a chance for a family. I never realised carriers can also be infertile until we started this journey.
    We are 36 and 37. 4 frozen transfers later, no baby, 1 miscarriage. 1 embryo still on ice. It is a bumpy road.


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