Hi ladies

Im going a little crazy right now. Im 8 weeks today! Yesterday I had a lot of (TMI) fluid down there. When I wiped it wasn't coloured on the TP. When I looked this morning, it had dried in my knickers with a slight rusty brownish tinge. I have been ok about it as I had similar with #1. I started googling and read the miscarriage signs and realised that I am not sick today, my headache has gone and my bulging boobs have reduced. I called our local hospital and they were really unworried as I had a strong heartbeat 9 days ago with good implantation. Plus my fluid is back to white. I can't shake that I feel so good today. It feels wrong. I've felt so crap the past 2 weeks. The hosptial were lovely saying that they can almost guarantee I'm fine and that they wouldn't ultrasound me if I came in as they don't have any staff on being sunday. They said it's not alarming at all and they won't refer to the bigger hospital. I just a, worried cos of the tinged fluid yesterday now my drop in symptoms.

Am I over worrying?