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    Default Overly clingy 3 year old

    I'm seeking help I feel like I'm at my wits end atm my son has been over the top clingy for over two month now it's hard to get him to sleep in his own bed let alone give me a moment of peace when trying to shower or go to the toilet (sorry tmi). We have been having a few other issues with him also such as his speech is delayed for his age (meant to be starting group speech therapy start of the new term), he doesn't try to play with other kids and when he does it's just his older sister and he tries to get her to do something with him such as playing with the playdoh next to him. I saw a specialist today and found they couldn't really tell me anything new. I feel I need answers and I'm not getting any....
    its also so hard leaving for work in the mornings he tells me he wants to come with me or that he doesn't want me to go pretty much every morning then throughout the day he has been gumpy and not listening to anyone else throws tantrums tells them that mummy is the only one who is allowed to change his nappy or something of that sort when I'm not even there then refuses to let them do it, they are only able to with lots of bribing and convincing.
    I feel he needs me and I hate that I'm not there more I do work full time but because of the hours it ends up only being 4 days a week...though I shouldn't feel so guilty for not being with him I do and I don't know if I'm doing that right time or not...? How can you know it's right...

    sorry for the long ramble I just don't know what to do anymore I'm all out of ideas...

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    Sounds like my boy - I recently posted a thread called mummy's boy. I haven't any solutions but lots of sympathy

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    I don't work at all (currently on Mat leave) and dd1 (3) is still clingy and an absolute mummy's girl so please don't feel guilty about working!
    It is hard. She wants me, and only me, to do things for her and with her, quite frustrating when I'm busy with bubs and dh is enjoying his games uninterrupted!
    One thing that helped was having a daddy/daughter day once a fortnight - this started when I went back to work on a Sunday. When she spends a lot of 1:1 time with dh she's more willing to let him do things for her. Unfortunately it's hard now to do that as I'm often stuck at home with bubs so I'm always there.

    My sympathies. It is sweet how she idolises me though xx


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