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    She sounds rude, and possibly makes judgemental remarks because there is an element of jealousy of how different your lifestyle is to hers.

    Maybe she knows she could never do what you are doing (homeschooling), therefore she tells herself it's a bad choice to make herself feel more content with her own situation?

    Whatever the case, if a sibling of mine offended me like that I would promptly put them in their place. Then tell them to go munch on a bag of d!cks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by delirium View Post
    Ok. The reason I asked is I thought maybe your sister was upset bc she felt the whole family was on benefits.
    I'm on ftb A and Dp is on workcover. He works part time (15 hours a week) and gets a full time wage. So despite the fact he busted his bsck a few years ago (hence the workcover) he's able to be home more and spend time with us (he's currently working 3 5 hour days a week). Her partner earns more than the two of us (me and partner) put together but has to work full time and often has to go interstate.. So maybe she is jealous because of that. She doesn't recieve any centrelink benifits because he earns a six figure wage. We aren't rich but we aren't worried because we are smart (most of the time) with money. We always pay mortgage, bills, etc on time (occasionally late) and still able to hsve a good life. We spend a lot of time together as a family even if it's just at home playing board games and doing gardening. I am doing doing relaxed homeschooling too so money is still spent on their educstion even if it's a museum or whatever.

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    Sorry to hear your dh was injured at work. From an outsider your home situation does sound ideal. You can pay your mortgage and both parents are at home alot. That would seem like a dream for most families i know. Good for you.

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    I am in the fortunate position that my husband makes enough money to support us. Yeah, I got PPL but even if I didn't there was no way I was going back to work when my DS was that little, and even after PPL stopped I still didn't go back to work for a few months after that.
    I only work a couple of days a week and I spend the rest of that time at home, so I'm still under the cut off for FTB for the grand total of $30 a fortnight.
    But I also do my uni degree online and try to still spend lots of one on one time with my DS so it's not like I just do nothing all day. The things I am doing at home are enriching our lives and hopefully setting me up to provide a better future for my child later on.
    If I wasn't at home, I'd have to put him in care and then I would be getting money from the government in the form of child care rebate which is worth way more than my current $30 a fortnight. So if anyone wishes to believe that I stay home for the welfare payments, I guess my reaction would be to tell them they are either incredibly ignorant or incredibly stupid.


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