Hi all,

We want YOU parents / caregivers to change the way we run our sensory program at a paediatric occupational therapy service in the shire.

At the moment, we are planning to run a seminar which will talk about how sensory playgroup can help to enhance children’s potential to reach QUALITY developmental milestones. But to do that, we would like to ask you some questions that will change the way we approach this.

1. What information would you like health professionals to provide MORE of, about child development? What information do you think is ‘missing’? For example, it could be:
- I know all children develop differently, but how much delay in a developmental milestone should be concerning?
- OR, I wish someone told me what activities I could do to prevent developmental delay as well as ‘flags’ of concerning behaviour.

2. What is the best way to advertise to parents to attend a free seminar? For example, it could be a flyer at a local library in the children’s section or an advertisement in the local newspaper. Which promotional tools would reach parents best?

This is a really unique opportunity for parents and caregivers to change the way a program runs to best suit YOU.

For more information, please reply in the comments or contact me on jlee0512@uni.sydney.edu.au