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    Default post grad study in health for a newbie working in health related industry

    Dear all Hubbers who are studying,

    I am a mother of 1 (5.5 yo) and has been working part time from home for a global health NGO for 1 year which I dearly enjoy. My job has intrigued me to learn more and makes me want to achieve more qualifications in line with this job. I've become so curious about all the stuff I've been reading and researching, but I'm not a 'qualified' person to give advice,etc. There fore I've thought recently maybe I need a specialised qualification in order to advance my skills and knowledge (doesn't have to be a master degree, would be happy with a grad cert or diploma). Currently I'm just a support person, so my task has always been on the 'lower' level stuff but it's still valuable and a good knowledge to possess and not to mention the rewarding feeling knowing you are working for a cause.

    My questions are:

    1) I come from a non-health background, is it silly to continue to a health or allied health related study although you've just taken your first step in the industry that seems new to you. I am not expecting a promotion or anything like that. I just want to learn it!

    2) I have unpaid HECS debt of $2500. Currently I'm unable to pay this off because my salary is way below the cut off range for HECS repayment and I don't have enough cash to pay it up front yet. If i enrol at uni, would they bring this up? Also I'm not planning to enrol right at this moment, because I need to set aside some money to pay for my post grad CSP contribution if I definitely decide to study (maybe by 2017?). But if they need me to sort out my HECS debt first, then I have no choice, I will not even apply for a course at uni.

    3) How do i bring this topic up to my employer that I'd like to undertake further study in line with my current job so that i can bring and contribute more skills and knowledge? One thing for sure is that the NGO i'm working for is not capable of funding me to undertake further studies (we get internship level salaries to be honest) and I don't expect them that to spend any money on me, but I'd just like to let them know that I do have the qualifications or skills they might need in the future. I think i'm the only that has non-health background in the organisation, some of them have a variety of health backgrounds I've never even heard of (you'd be surprised how long their email signatures are!)

    4) even if it's not a post grad degree, I'd be happy if someone can tell me a good course in public health that does not cost much and I still can use it to boost my current expertise.

    Any advice are welcome!

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    1) Not silly a all
    2) There is a limit of how much HECS you are entitled to. Here is a link http://studyassist.gov.au/sites/stud...s-help-welcome
    They won't bring up your previous debt, they new debt will be added to your old hecs.

    I think there is a limit for FEEHELP (over $90,000) which is for non commonwealth supported places and no limit for commonwealth supported places (HECSHELP). But I am not 100% sure on this.

    3) I don't see why it would be an issue with you employer unless you need time off for exams. Just tell them.

    4) You can do a Graduate Diploma in Public Health or even International Public Health a lot of unis do them externally. I am pretty sure UQ does and so does CDU and Flinders.


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