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    DH and I got married nearly 2 years ago. My frock was kind of snug. I didn't realise how snug it was until until I had to go to the toilet and couldn't lift it up over my hips/@rse. I had to go to my hotel room (on the same site) with my maid of honour so she could upzip me.

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    Oh some more.
    I started getting so cranky at one of my bridesmaids as she started getting mega flirty with my husband-to-be. I ignored my gut because surely she wouldn't actually do that to a friend right?? Turns out she was sleeping with one of our groomsmen, who was due to get married a few months after us. And was friends with his wife-to-be, so it turns out she IS the type of girl to do that. I wanted her out of the wedding but hubby went all weird about it and didn't want to "rock the boat". We nearly split over it. In the end she stayed in the wedding but I flat out refused to speak to her. I was sitting on the bed during make up and hubby wanted to ask me something but decided to ring her phone. Seeing his name come up on her phone on my wedding day made me feel literally sick. I basically texted him a bunch of not so nice texts and he ended up ringing me pleading me to please go through with the wedding. I am generally not a jealous person, like at all. Just she got to me so bad and I think it was made worse because I felt forced into keeping her as a bridesmaid.

    Also, we all (males and females of the bridal party) stayed in a cabin at the venue the night before and split in the morning to different ends of the house to get ready. The floozy and the groomsman she was sleeping with arrived first. My SIL/MOH arrived next with her boyfriend and walked into the girl and guy going at it in the middle of the lounge room floor... That probably also didn't help my anger levels.

    Our best man, fantastic fella, had pneumonia on the day and for the few days leading up. We told him to stay home and rest up but he insisted on coming to support hubby. He made it through the ceremony (11am in the middle of July up the Blue Mountains, so quite cold) and then a staff member had to drive him back to the cabin in a golf cart because he was so ill. Left the wedding and went straight to hospital.

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    DD1 was our flowergirl and i had planned to walk down the aisle with her but once we pulled up in the limo she spotted DH and legged it right down the aisle (outdoor ceremony) yelling 'daddy'.
    Funny & very cute but left me stranded awkwardly by myself for a few minutes.lol

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    Mmm all my inlaw family showing up over 1.5hr late to the ceremony...
    And they lived 10min drive away from the venue.

    I was so high on happy hormones though that I didn't care at all lol
    I just felt sorry for poor DH 😓

    To this day we still don't know what happened.

    Might have to do with DH not attending his own parents wedding?! He was 15yo and his dad told him not to bother and go play his footy game instead 😂
    Clearly weddings are not an important thing in that family.

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    My zip broke and I had to be sewn into my dress.

    The car for the bridesmaids was late.

    A whole bus load of family was late which included mil and I refused to make our other guests wait any longer for them. They showed up just in time.

    Mil in turn did not 'congratulate' us.

    Step fil was chosen as MC so he could be included like all the other parents. He decided it was a great idea to get drunk and speeches took 3 hours.

    Step fil also dragged a heavy table across the floor and we lost our venue bond.

    Someone went in after the cleaners were done and spewed all through the men's bathroom so the staff had a lovely surprised when they arrived the following day.

    We had invited 360 people and ended up having 220ish. Some rsvpd to say they were coming and didn't show, others showed up after saying they weren't coming, some showed up after no rsvp at all, some didn't care to rsvp at all and some were brought as uninvited guests of of our guests.

    No one would listen when we had photos and the same people still get upset that they aren't in any family photos.
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