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    Default Nighttime routine for #2

    Hi mums

    I'm after your tips to make night times go smoothly with baby 2. With my first he slept in our room, I mainly breastfed in the lounge room so the TV could keep me awake (and to give hubby some quiet) and then changed nappy in the baby's room to again, allow my husband to sleep. And then back to our main room for sleep. Not sure it was the most effective way of doing things!

    For number 2 (whose due in 2 weeks) I'm worried about my toddler and husband waking up every time we do.

    I have a couple of options - I can set up a feeding chair in our room and feed the baby in there. For mums who have done this did you stay awake ok? Or did you have TV's in your room? We currently don't. I'm worried this would cause too much disruption to my husbands sleep but perhaps he will get used to it? And then do you have a change table on the room also? Change in the bassinet? Change in the babies room where the change table current is?

    My other main option is feeding in the lounge like I did with my first, but this involves walking straight past my toddlers room. We are in a 3 bedroom unit with floorboards everywhere. No sound proof at all and I suspect the crying may disturb him anyway, along with constant waking back and forth past his room.

    Last potential option would be feeding in the babies room which is between our main room and the toddler's room. No TV, away from husband though, in same room as the change table but closer to the toddler.

    Sorry for the novel, appreciate you reading it and for any replies!

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    DD is now 9 months but early on when she was in our room she had w bassinet on wheels and either DH or I would lift her out for feeds. We just changed her on the bed early on and I was also pumping so usually DH would change her. We spent the first 6 weeks in that routine. My main priority was DS not waking but he sleeps soundly now anyway. DH was on duty with me pretty much so our sleep was just as important as each other's.

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    Nighttime for bubs #2&3

    They slept in the bassinet next to me. Change table in our room. I fed them in bed sitting up or lying down, whatever suited.

    Dh slept thru it all.

    Eta- for bub #3 I had TV series to watch and book apps on my iPad.

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    My dd1 was just under 2 when dd2 was born. Tbh, she slept straight through all of dd2's crying and night wakings. I wouldn't worry too much about your toddler. They adapt really quickly and easily, do what works for you.

    And be flexible, the thing that works for you could change in a daily basis!!


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