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    Default 2 year old in a big boy bed

    Hi ladies, just after some advice or tips. My DS 1 turned 2 this week and we thought it was time to get him into a big boy bed. We went shopping and let him try the beds out. He seems to love the bed as its a Wiggles theme. The first night was bliss we put him in there at 7pm he made a slight noise at around 9pm then nothing till 6am the next morning. Each night since then has not been as successful. Going to sleep seems to be okay but he is coming out of his room between 1am - 2am and wanting to come into our bed. Last night we took him back to his bed explained that it was time to sleep in his own bed. He kept getting out and crying so I lay with him in his own bed till he fell asleep then left him. He didn't wake up again but the process took 1.5 hours!!! I knew this would happen but I thought it would be at the beginning of bedtime not at that time.

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    We put DS straight from his cot into a bed and had the same issue. I think he was a bit scared and overwhelmed by the openness of the bed, as opposed to the surrounding bars of the cot.
    So we put his cot back in the room and just took the side off. He was happy with that. A few months later we tried the bed again and he's had no issues this time around.


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