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    Default Gestational Diabetes frustrations

    Hi, I'm new to this (or any forum) and have gestational diabetes. Diagnosed around 13 weeks so have been told I may have had undetected diabetes before this pregnancy. I am now 19+ weeks and have been diet controlled so far. I'm concerned, however that my levels maybe starting to creep up and so am looking for someone to share ideas/ concerns/frustrations with.
    I found the DE useless and a scare mongerer adding to my stress (and probably ultimately adding to my slightly high readings) and the dietitian also pretty useless as she went through very basic diet advice like "this is the 5 food groups" - derr. Also the diet information is so irrelevant to someone with gd - the amount of carbs they recommended you eat is completely off point for what someone with gd can really consume and stay within normal range.
    Anyway, enough venting, I need advice on when the dr/de will likely talk about needing insulin. My fasting is usually 4.5 -4.9 with the occasional 5.0 - 5.2 (less than twice a week) but the de has mentioned that these figures are a bit of a worry. So now every time I test my fasting my anxiety/ stress goes through the roof and I feel my heart thumping thinking please don't be over 5.0 or they'll put me on insulin. My after meals levels are usually pretty good (never over 7.4 1hr after meals) usually b/w 4.2 - 6, although breakfast is creeping over the 6.0 mark now, so may need to adjust. So if they put me on insulin I feel like it will throw my after meal readings really low (sometimes after meals I'm already getting 4.2). Is 0.1-0.2 over 5.0 for fasting really that bigger deal to bother putting someone on insulin and throwing off the rest of the days readings?
    Any advice/thoughts please?

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    I find 1hr post meal test over the top. If I have to start over, I will not find a dietitian who promotes this. Most hospital documents about GD suggest testing at 2hr post meal. The fasting value that you have is borderline. These machines aren't super accurate anyway. I once tried to test it 3x and all got different value (over and under). In the end, I stopped worrying if it was just mere over. Also, with 1 hr testing, anything I ate set my breakfast value sky high. The only thing I ate that wasn't setting it over was 4x vita weet. Yes you hear it. I was constantly hungry! On the other hand, 2hrs post meal values were generally within range. I was on metformin first. And then by 36w, I was put on insulin because I couldn't bring the breakfast value down. It was a bit pointless in the end because it took a while to adjust the dosage. Also, it didn't help with my breakfast value much. Again, I think it is just due to the 1hr post meal strategy. I was induced 38w+. Bub was under 3kg. Well, I was starving through the rest of the pregnancy so was Bub.

    Perhaps it is worth talking to a different dietitian who specialised in GD.


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