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    Default Reward chart 4 yo

    I am starting up a behavioural reward chart for DS1 (4 yrs will be 5 in July). The idea being he gets acknowledged for good behaviour and has incentive for repeat good behaviour. He is very excited about the idea.

    For anyone that uses them, what are some of the behaviours you reward? I am thinking along the lines of 'good use of manners', 'get dressed by myself', 'put my toys away' etc. behaviour would be rewarded with gold stars, and 10 (?) stars (or 20 etc) would result in a small prize.

    Any tips or advice for what has/hasn't worked so well would also be good.

    DS1 thrives on positive feedback and I do feel this will work very well for us, i am currently juggling 1 month old DS2 and simply can't give DS1 as much time as I would like. I am hoping once the idea catches on I will have to do less nagging... Lol.

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    Default Reward chart 4 yo

    We do a reward chart for our 5 (6 in May) year old. When he was younger we did weekly and then fortnightly and now do monthly.

    It has two parts, everyday items we expect of him (packing up toys, brushing teeth, homework, etc) and then behaviour items we expect (using manners, sharing & playing appropriately, using an inside voice and nice/friendly/appropriate behaviour at school).

    He thrives on praise and encouragement so we've always found the reward chart to work well.

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    We've got a sticker chart for 4yr old DS. It's pretty simple - I just wrote what tasks I wanted to do (pictures would be better so he could visually see what to do but I haven't got around to that).

    I just worked on things such as getting himself dressed, cleaning his teeth in the morning by himself, putting away his school bag after kindy & daycare and trying new foods. He helped on choosing these.

    Once he gets to 52 stickers (it was 20 but he negotiated with me to 40 then to 52 so I wasn't going to argue 😂) we get to go to toys r us and he can choose a toy.

    It's really helped - I'm no longer dressing him, he goes and cleans his teeth without asking. He still doesn't put his bag away but we are working on it.

    Best of luck!

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    I think the sticker chart is a great idea. My daughter is only 12 months so I'm not at this stage yet but I think it would be nice to reward them not just for the 'chore' type tasks but more so for being kind and compassionate. If we all reward and praise our children for that kind of behaviour wether it be toward other people or even just their pets then we'll be raising a generation of empathetic and generous humans


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