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    One of my strategies when they were younger was to introduce things at lunchtime so that if they didn't eat it i could feel ok that they be hungry in the arvo. It felt better than sending them to bed hungry. So i gave the things i knew they'd eat at tea. Still packed full of veg etc but more hidden. So i avoided the guilt of sending them to bed hungry. Might be an idea.
    This is a great idea. Thankyou

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    You're welcome. Also. ..with the fussing over veg etc. Mine haven't been super fussy but i have found that things i worried about when they were younger solved themselves with age as they could communicate better. Then you can put your foot down a bit more and say they need to east veg to get fruit or dessert or whatever. Or give two choices of veg and they choose, which makes them feel they get a say. It seemed to sort itself out. So try at this age and definitely eating together is healthy and positive if you can, but keep it positive and celebrate small successes. One veg at a time! Ha!


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