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@Lisau77 haha! Thats so funny. I have been a bit moody too actually. But I take any pregnancy symptoms as a good sign, for once my hubby has been happy for me to be cranky pants haha
@MaybeBabyIVF Oh my goodness, a loss at 12 weeks I'm not sure I could come back from that, espically after talking to it for 3 months! I take my hat off to you for getting back up and trying again and I hope this time is it for you? May I ask your age? Do you have any specific issues that may have caused it? (I have PCOS). Thanks for the invite, I'm so stupid when it comes to this site, is there a URL for due in Dec? Everytime I think I found a thread its from a few years ago. How do you find recent ones?
@gypsychild I now understand the term 'it only takes one', but it would be less stressful if there were 5 others frozen to try wouldnt it. Only having one literally makes me feel like all my egg(s) are in one basket lol I hope we both have a great outcome and get out little one we so much want. 19 weeks though is a great start! I'm 5 weeks and 2 days today, every day feels like a week! 2 weeks until my scan, I'm nervous already.

I actually went into the clinic today for a blood test to make sure my hcg is increasing, when the phone rings my heart stops beating, luckily they said I'm up to 3,850 which is good, but doesn't mean much at this point. I had been testing with Clear Blue every day and waiting for the 2-3 week, to increase to 3+ weeks, when it wasn't happening I was worried, as I read that it should turn to 3+ weeks when you hit 2,000 hcg. I still havent got 3+ weeks but hcg is 3,850. Goes to show those tests aren't perfect.
Yeh I have high AMH levels due to PCOS. I've had several losses ranging from 6w to 12w with DH and had more with my ex (16w stillbirth was my latest)