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First of all, apologise if this sounds inappropriate for asking about paed consultation fees in this forum (are we allowed to discuss fees here?). I've just booked for a developmental paed for DS in the next couple of weeks, but so surprised that the fee is reasonably high (as much as I'd pay rent for a week, though i'd get half back from medicare). I don't know whether I was hearing it right when the lady quoted it. I felt like ringing back and postponing the appointment as I'm quite tight on budget in the next two weeks (rent's due, school fees for books, etc for this term is due) and I have not heard anything about my centrelink payment that I applied 2 weeks ago! Seeing that it's unusual to see a paed these days, I thought the fee would be reasonable. I even asked this casually with my GP whether the fee would be so high, he said no it should be reasonable enough.
Ask to be referred to public system at the hospital.

Ours is roughly $200 then you get $120 back Medicare I think it changes because I gut safety net so quickly!