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    Default SLEEP finally :)

    I'd thought I'd provide an update on how we are travelling and have a positive story on here that people may stumble across when looking for support and reassurance in the dead of the night.
    If you weren't aware, dd2's sleep had descended into a nightmare, as I posted many times lol. She woke 4-6 times a night on average needing boob. She had the occasional "good" night but they were few and far between, and even then it was every 3 or so hours. She napped mostly in 40 minute chunks. She was miserable. I was miserable, I was developing PND. I didn't enjoy anything. I cried a lot with exhaustion. My 3yo copped the brunt of my mood swings and I felt awful that I wasn't in control of my emotions.

    Just over a week ago at 5 months we did controlled crying (I followed the sleepeasy solution book) to teach her to self settle and resettle. Yes it was tough, but it was much tougher on us when she wasn't sleeping. Yes she cried (sometimes a lot!) but she was already waking and crying multiple times a night, every night, for 14 weeks now. But now after a week she sleeps 7-6/7 with a dream feed at 930. She naps like a champion. Her feeding has also improved- her constant feeding day and night has stopped now she takes good amounts at the breast when she wakes and I'm no longer worried she's going hungry. She's happy and thriving, and so am I. I can't believe how things have changed and how great life is now- dd1 and dh have me back. I love my bed. Oh how I missed it. Now anyone can put her down to sleep with a cuddle and some books.

    The third night was the hardest. She started flipping herself over on her stomach when crying and got stuck which made her extra upset. I was unsure if I was meant to go in and flip her back. I initially did a few times but then realised she needed to learn how to sleep in whatever position she put herself into. Turns out she's a tummy sleeper.

    So there is light at the end of the tunnel if you are going down this road. Stick with it. The results are worth it

    My baby still loves me, more than ever now that she can get a good rest. I also used it with success on dd1 and she's not damaged either!

    Thank you for all your kind words and support during my sleep deprivation hell xxxx

    Feel free to share positive controlled crying stories as well

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